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Kimroa Lee Leaves Baby Phat Clothing Brand
Kimroa Lee Leaves Baby Phat Clothing Brand

11 / 16 / 2010       writer: Erica Blackmon @T

Just last month Kimora Lee announced that she would be leaving the beloved fashion line that she created and molded into the success that it is today. She described her split from Baby Phat as “shocking” and “very, very sad.”

She announced the split earlier this year via Twitter and rumors began to fly.

“It’s over. It’s absolutely over. It was very abrupt and sudden. I was shocked,” Kimora Lee told NY Daily News.

Rumors have it that Kimora may have been pushed out to the company or that the recent events have been sparked by financial problems. However, the reason for Kimora’s departure from the line remains unknown. Kimora Lee has been working with the Baby Phat Company for fourteen years and the news was very surprising. Suspicions were raised in August when Kimora Lee Tweeted that she was looking for models for some of her fashion lines. When Baby Phat was not mentioned, curious fans began to ask questions.

“Are you not doing Baby Phat anymore?” someone asked.

Kimora replied, “As of sept, sadly NOT!”

She also admitted to selling Baby Phat via her Twitter. However, many fans are upset about the parting and feel that the line will not be the same without her. Kimora Lee has been the major promoter and face on the Baby Phat line and she is responsible for the majority of Baby Phat’s success. Some wonder if the new directors will be able to hold up to Kimora Lee’s reputation. Several Baby Phat buyers are petitioning Baby Phat and saying that they will refuse to buy their clothing if it is not by Kimora Lee.

Kimora Lee says that despite the decision, she is happy and excited. She says that “sometimes, you’re thrown a curve ball in life.” If fans can’t bear to buy from Baby Phat now that Kimora Lee is no longer with the company, luckily she has other fashion lines on the market. She is relaunching her KLS Collection along with Kouture by Kimora. She also has an exclusive line in Macy’s retail stores that is entirely priced below $40.

Kimroa Lee Leaves Baby Phat Clothing Brand // News Pics

Kimora Lee Baby Phat
Above see Baby Phat Clothing Brand founder Kimora Lee looking fabolous as always. She will be missed from Hip Hop clothing.

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